Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Gift

Here is a cleaned up, organized version of the aforementioned Bon Iver show.  Nifty cover art, done by yours truly, included.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bon Iver | 9:30 Club [8.3.11]

Last night, I made my first visit to the DC indie rock mecca, the 9:30 Club. Oh, and I might add, seeing the second of two sold-out Bon Iver shows, was not a bad way to start. Justin Vernon and the ever-expanding cast of the Bon Iver road crew blasted through the majority of their recently release Bon Iver, Bon Iver and reworked some favorites from the campfire, freak-folk staple food For Emma, Forever Ago.

Around the internet are reviews of both shows from the sold out stint at the 9:30 Club written with universal acclaim, even giddiness. Though, each reviewer cites a different facet of the show that pushed it over the top. Whether it was Vernon's noise solos during the coda of some favorites or the choice it bring along 2 drummers, every aspect contributed to an incredibly round show.

What made the show hold so strongly for me was the complexity and roundness of these arrangements. Each tune, especially the more sprawling of the like from the new record, benefited from incredibly detailed arrangements. The subtlety of the rapidly evolving brass and winds (every band member seemed to be able to play every instrument in the western hemisphere) the intricate, interlocking rhythms of the percussion "section," and the sheer beauty of Vernon's falsetto created a sum that well outweighed its parts.

The sound of this show will stay with me for quite some time. Lucky enough for me (and you) is that our good friends at NPR Music were there to record the spectacle and nice enough to host the performance on their site. A wonderful, wonderful parting gift, indeed. Listen here.

Set List

  • Perth
  • Minnesota, WI
  • Towers
  • Holocene
  • Creature Fear
  • Flume
  • Hinnom, TX
  • Wash.
  • Brackett, WI
  • Blood Bank
  • Who Is It (Bjork cover)
  • Re: Stacks
  • Calgary
  • Wolves (Act I and II)

  • Skinny Love
  • Beth/Rest
  • For Emma

Oh, and don't be a shit head at your next hyper-sensitive local beard fest.

Wet Hot Capital Summer

I have not posted since getting to DC as part of my stint with Future of Music Coalition. In the last few months, I have gone to some incredible shows, and listened to some incredible records. In an effort to share this with you, I will be documenting my experience in the District with a series of posts going back to the beginning of this sticky Mid-Atlantic summer. Recaps will be in the not-so-distant future.

Thank you and all the best.