Tuesday, December 29, 2009

You and Your Effects: Quelling Our Tongue Tied Rivalries

I think that we are going to get through this. Maybe the first year of the Obama administration didn't go exactly as we planned. Healthcare may be less than fixed, Iran may be less than stable, and Sarah Palin may be less than dead but ye have little faith. I beg you, have a little faith in folk music.

Amidst the shit-storm that has been the last 3 years in this country, real American culture, I believe, has prevailed. Folk music is part of the popular conscience once again with the brilliance and omnipotence of Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver along with a resurgent love for the music of Elliot Smith and Nick Drake. Residing in North Carolina for the better part of the last three years, I have been privileged to the the landscapes these artists long to croon about-- they are as breathtaking as the melodies churning through your headphones. I have heard the story of the broken American south and it is sublime in its ability to both devastate and inspire. That American story is where we start in our introduction to You and Your Effects. A five piece band formed in early 2008 and centrally located in Davidson, NC, You and Your Effects effectively praise the beauties of these very same landscapes and the intricacies of the domestic. Lushly arranged but sparsely polished, authenticity shines through with every finger-picked note and every fluted breath. Songs such as "Skylight" are reminiscent of Nick Drake's beloved Pink Moon LP while "Fall" and "Red Swan" seem to be our answer to Ireand's The Swell Season.

YAYE has already experienced well deserved publicity within the state of North Carolina. NC State's student radio station, WKNC 88.1, named YAYE "the best band you may not have hear of...yet." The band will also being returning to play live shows in the spring in and around Davidson after a self-described period of diaspora. They have more than handful of tracks curretly streaming on their MySpace and their debut album, Wire Sharks, is on sale at Raleigh's very own School Kids Records. You and Your Effects is...

Jon Springfield- guitar, vocals, violin, banjo, accordion, piano
Michael Mellody- guitar, vocals
Lexi Valauri-Orton- flute, vocals
James Johnson- bass
Mark Crowley- drums

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Don't worry, the kids are alright.


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