Sunday, March 14, 2010

On the Up and Up: Suffering Fools

On the first edition of Muzjiks' thinly veiled knockoff of Pitchfork's "Rising" feature, "On the Up and Up," we will be focusing on the work of lo-fi indie geek rock band Suffering Fools. The duo's debut LP, Speaking of Biscuits, was released at the beginning of this year on CD and digital download, although it was originally recorded on a 4-track tape recorder in glorious low fidelity analog. For reasons undisclosed, the members do not wish to reveal their identities; however, what Muzjiks does know is that this album was a long time coming, its roots dating back to the early '90s when the concepts for Biscuits first originated. A decade and a half later, we're lucky enough to have the finished product in our hands.

If you're into Ben Folds or They Might Be Giants, then this is right up your alley; if you're more interested in current indie acts like Wilco or The Decemberists, then this will probably suit your fancy, too. It is said that writing about music is like dancing about architecture, so at this point, I'll let Suffering Fools' music do the talking.

White Whine '89: A catchy acoustic folk pop number complete with an Andrew Bird-esque whistling solo. [alt]

Inner Mission: Rather obviously influenced by Pink Floyd, this largely instrumental interlude features a single disconcerting "Echoes"-esque piano key strike and Live at Pompeii "Saucerful of Secrets" drumming. [alt]

First Monkey Laugh: The band's self-proclaimed "hit single." Give it a listen. [alt]

If you like what you hear, refer to the information below to purchase Speaking of Biscuits in its entirety and get more information about Suffering Fools.

Official website
Official store


MusicMan said...'s hard to believe that this takes roots from late 80's

many bands around tryin' to make this sound in huge and major studios ))))

box_Music said...

hard to believe it takes roots from late 80's!

so many bands around tryin' to make same sound in huge and major studios))

Fool3 said...

Thanks for taking notice!

The website in fact makes clear that Suffering Fools are a trio (although it's true Fool 1 is pretty worthless).

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