Sunday, November 22, 2009

Past Episodes

Here are the playlists of past episodes. If you find that you enjoy a particular song, feel free to request more of that artist by calling in @ (704) 894-2471 or leaving a comment. You can find episodes 2-4 available for download in podcast form here. Enjoy!

Episode 1: The Lost Episode, Volume 1 (10/20/09)
  1. Margot and the Nuclear So and So's: "A Sea Chanty of Sorts"
  2. TV on the Radio: "Staring at the Sun"
  3. Sugar Glyder: "Blackbeard Has Feelings Too"
  4. People in Planes: "Pretty Buildings"
  5. Third Eye Blind: "Jumper"
  6. jj: "Ecstasy"
  7. Juelz Santana: "Mixin' Up the Medicine"
Episode 2: Sealed Russian Dolls (10/27/09)

  1. Tantric: "Down and Out" [requested intro]
  2. Fleet Foxes: "Mykonos"
  3. Megafaun: "The Fade"
  4. Passion Pit: "Sleepyhead"
  5. Slow Runner: "Trying to Put Your Heart Back Together"
  6. Neutral Milk Hotel: "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea"
  7. The Rural Alberta Advantage: "Don't Haunt This Place"
  8. Tommy Emmanuel: "Classical Gas" (cover)
  9. Cloud Cult: "Pretty Voice"
  10. The Antlers: "Prologue"
  11. White Rabbits: "Percussion Gun"
  12. Fleetwood Mac: "Go Your Own Way" [call-in request]
  13. Lil Wayne: "Run This Town"
Episode 3: Athazagoraphobia (11/3/09)
  1. Ronald Jenkees: "Disorganized Fun" [intro]
  2. Andrew Bird: "Fitz and the Dizzy Spells"
  3. The Rural Alberta Advantage: "Luciana"
  4. Ramona Falls: "Russia"
  5. Sugar Glyder: "Flowers"
  6. Nektar: "Countenance"
  7. Discovery (ft. Ezra Koenig): "Carby"
  8. Blind Pilot: "Paint or Pollen"
  9. Sea Wolf: "Dew in the Grass"
  10. Metric: "Gold, Guns, Girls"
  11. Mike Posner: "One Foot Out the Door"
  12. Jedi Mind Tricks (ft. Kool G Rap): "Animal Rap"
Episode 4: Inoculating for the Yawn Epidemic (11/10/09)
  1. Soul Position: "Oxford, You Really Owe Me" [intro]
  2. Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground: "Hey Momma"
  3. Ted Leo & the Pharmacists: "Me and Mia"
  4. The King Left: "I Have to Let You Win (Stop Trying)"
  5. Band of Horses: "The Funeral"
  6. Monsters of Folk: "Say Please"
  7. The Postal Service: "Brand New Colony"
  8. Lightspeed Champion: "Galaxy of the Lost"
  9. Dispatch: "Elias (Live, All Points Bulletin)"
  10. ComaR: "Billie Jean, My Love ('Billie Jean' vs. 'My Love' mashup)"


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