Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'd go to the grave before I acted as a cowardly African American

Muzjiks Nation, I'm sorry to inform you that I will be taking a leave of absence... until Friday (see what I did there?). As much as enjoy doing this, it is secondary to school, so I must tend to that first. I hope that you will understand and survive the next few days without me. Until then, consider the following...

Sugar Glyder Sugar Glyder Sugar Glyder Sugar Glyder Sugar Glyder
Tiesto (ft. Jónsi): Kaleidoscope (ADD Edit) [alt] | Although the full song is superior, for my upcoming DJ gigs, I figure that I should cut the song down, extracting much of the atmospheric Jónsi falsetto, and get to the meat of it—that is, the absurd drop. After some quick Audacity tweaks, we have what I've called the (musical) ADD edit of the title track to Tiesto's 2009 LP.
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