Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A brush with Odd Future

Above is the video for "Clear Eyes" off of OFWGKTA member Domo Genesis' latest, Rolling Papers. As you'll see, there's a shot with a phone ringing and a number being displayed on the screen. It reads "Tyler," so when I called the number, I thought maybe I would get in contact with the leader of the pack himself, Tyler, the Creator. Instead, I reached the director of the video who requested that I post his work on Muzjiks. This is the least I can do. Little does he know that he could potentially be in store for the Mike Jones treatment. Regardless, it's some unsettling visuals for Odd Future's signature drugged-out, listless brand of hip hop. Not nearly as shocking as Earl Sweatshirt's unbelievable "EARL" vid, but still worth a view nevertheless. If you like what you hear, you can head over to OF's tumblr to get Domo's Rolling Papers in full—fo' free.


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