Monday, December 27, 2010

Stenchman: Part 1

[video: vaguely related]

This guy knows how to wobble and wobble with conviction. Stenchman brings a unique wobble bass to the bro/dubstep (I can't tell which he is yet) genre. The following are dangerously unclean cuts. The wobble bass on these four is some of the grimiest, wide-wobbling I have ever heard. I'll stop not making sense and come to your own conclusion. Look for another post concerning Stenchman very soon.

His name is Stenchman for christ's sake. Oh, and Swine--the last one is for you.

Burial: "Archangel" (Stenchman Remix)

Phoenix: "Lisztomania" (Stenchman Remix)

Stenchman: "Overtaker"

Stenchman: "Prime Time Swine"

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