Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Man, The Myth, The Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

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Kanye West: Through the Wire


Anonymous said...

good work, kid

N!ck said...

I think you're being a bit too safe here. Take a look at videos of Kanye in interviews/the studio/etc. and look at what others have had to say about him and his personality (be sure to do so obsessively, as I have done). I'm pretty convinced that, far from being the jackass/asshole some people make him out to be, he's simply a tremendously naive dude who sometimes happens upon the wrong way of expressing himself (whether it be stage-jacking or comparing himself to Emmett Till). In many ways, he's just a big kid.

Anonymous said...

The writing is powerful. However, take credit for and pride in your thoughts. Apologize to no one, as essentially you do in the final paragraph and at sparse moments throughout the piece (as evidenced by a certain caution in the tone). Kanye West does not feel reservations over his music. Should you over your writing?

Anonymous said...

Very enjoyable read. Let's not give Kanye too much credit for flipping that Aphex Twin sample, though, as "Avril 14th" is just a sweet simple piano melody. Overall, probably the best take I've read on MBDTF. Big up.

Steven Hummel said...

Fair enough. But few other artists have as wide and varied a music taste as Kanye, and even if other artists liked the song while crate-digging or what-have-you, few would take on the task of sampling it at all.

Thank you so much for the kind words, Sir Anonymous. The pessimist in me thought that the rate of readings on this piece had long since died off. It's probably my favorite and best piece that I've ever written. Glad you enjoyed it.

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