Monday, April 5, 2010

Bombs Over Bobby Ray

There's no good reason why B.o.B. (aka Bobby Ray) shouldn't be a household name. Blending the soulful yet spitfire emceeing of vintage Andre 3000 with an infectious R&B voice, the guy is the whole package (did I mention he's a self-taught guitar player?). He does the rapping/hook-singing schtick better than Drake could ever dream. He has an uncanny knack for creating catchy melodies. That said, this criminally slept-on ATL native's time may have finally come, his breakthrough single "Nothin' On You" currently the runner-up to Rihanna's "Rude Boy" on the Billboard Hot 100. However, the 21-year old has been around the game far longer the average radio listener may know: since 2007, B.o.B. has released six mixtapes and done countless guest appearances, perhaps his best known on T.I.'s Paper Trail jam "On Top of the World." It's about time this talented artist got the recognition he deserves. Pick up his debut LP, The Adventures of Bobby Ray when it drops on April 27.

Nothin' On You REMIX (ft. Big Boi) [alt]
Lonely People [alt]
I'll Be in the Sky [alt]
Don't Break My Heart [alt]

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Anonymous said...

This is a weak sampling of Bobby Ray, though these songs are not bad, he has a lot better stuff out there.

Anonymous said...

The Eleanor Rigby sample is dope but Talib does it much better in "Lonely People" on his The Beautiful Mixtape.. not to take away from the B.o.B. version or anything..

manila killa said...

These are all sick nonetheless

Anonymous said...

it's all about "Satellite"
That song has made it into my top 25

Anonymous said...

sorry but talib was better way better

Anonymous said...

DRAKE WILL RIP THIS DUDE.... T.O. all the way !

tha 1 who Trevs said...

@lastAnonymous i don't think so. i'd like to rep t-dot as well but i actually like how BoB's voice sounds, so i'll take him over Drake everyday

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