Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fly Like Paper, Get High Like Wayne

Weezy's behind bars and MIA's got a one-year old baby boy and her third LP on the way. What happens when you take Diplo's genius "Paper Planes" beat and pair it with some of Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.'s hottest rhymes? Listen.

Lil Wayne vs. MIA: A Milli Paper Planes [alt]


Anonymous said...

Damn, that's tasty. You should check out my Soundcloud page. I've got a Paper Planes mix up there, and a Milli mashup on there too.

DowntroddenInDC said...

I'm not entirely convinced I like this. From the title I thought I was really going to like this. MIA is catchy as fuck and Wheezy can make anything flow. I'm just not sure about this, the timing or the tempo is off to me. It does get catchier toward the middle-end.

Nice find regardless. If I didn't listen to things I don't like, I wouldn't find what I DO like!

Anonymous said...

DJ Golden did this first like a year ago and its about a million times better and thats that.!/pages/East-Atlanta-GA/DJ-GOLDEN/89530487530

Anonymous said...

Is there another alt link? usershare one isnt working anymore :(

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