Thursday, August 12, 2010

Live in Cosmogramma

In the time I have spent not writing, my ears have taken me in many directions--many of them being diametrically opposed. This is one of those times. With my discovery, and more importantly exploration, of the Flying Lotus' music, I thought more and more of the lasting effect of John Coltrane and his music. If you weren't aware, Steven Ellison (FL) is the great nephew of John and Alice Coltrane and is part of the huge family of Coltrane music. Here are the two ends of the Coltrane sonic spectrum--the harsh, polyphonic textures of Flying Lotus and the Miles Davis-cum Revolver era Beatles music of Alice Coltrane. Have a bit of patience with these.

Flying Lotus: "Table Tennis" (feat. Laura Darlington) [Buy]

Alice Coltrane: "Something About John Coltrane"



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