Sunday, August 22, 2010


Earl Sweatshirt's "EARL" music video (see: MuzjiksTV) views like a snuff film: raw footage of skateboarding injuries, self-administered dentistry, and smoothies done like you've never seen before. It's all rather phantasmagorical—like if Alex DeLarge directed a rap video. Sure, this could be dismissed as nothing more than gimmicky shock tactics, but if you came to that conclusion, you probably didn't listen because Sweatshirt can flat out spit. With a dizzying flow akin to early Eminem (before he became a parody of himself, mind you), there's plenty of "did he really just say that?" moments to go around. For instance...

I'm a hot and bothered astronaut
Crashin' while jackin' off
To bufferin' vids of Asher Roth eatin' applesauce

The best part? Not only is Earl Sweatshirt giving away his mixtape for free, but he's also part of the OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All) crew, a collective of barely-legal emcees all putting out some of the most refreshing hip hop I've heard in quite some time. Also part of the collective is Tyler, the Creator (pictured above), whose Bastard mixtape is similarly off-kilter and deranged and likewise a very welcome breath of fresh air. Check out a sampling of what these two have to offer on the mic, and if you like what you hear, download their stuff here—fo' free.

Earl Sweatshirt: Earl [alt]
Tyler, the Creator: Seven [alt]


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