Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Post-Rock Does Pop

Post-rock occupies a rather abstruse corner of the indie scene, its vocal-less compositions and double-digit durations alienating to the average listener. Bridging the gap between post-rock and indie, however, are bands like The Album Leaf and The Appleseed Cast that interpolate pop melodies and song structures with post-rock atmospherics and mood. Hailing from San Diego, The Album Leaf is a member of the indie behemoth Sub Pop, which released the band's fifth full-length, A Chorus of Storytellers, at the beginning of this month. However, this number comes from 2006's Into the Blue Again and is arguably the closest the post-rock genre will ever get to a mainstream breakthrough single, for an infectious synth riff contributes to an absolute earworm melody but somehow manages to preserve elements of post-rock. Enjoy.

The Album Leaf: "Always For You"


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