Friday, February 5, 2010

SOTW 2.5-2.7

If you're anywhere near Muzjiks' neck of the woods, the weather of late has been rather dreary with snow and fog and ice graying just about everything. Mirroring my environment, my musical selections have been accordingly languid and brooding. Loosely fitting into this category is Husky Rescue, a band that hails from Finland and purveys a interesting brand of ambient pop. In my estimation, they're essentially Metric on downers with a tinge of '60s psychedelia. The quintet's third proper LP, Ship of Light, was released on February 1, and in support of their new album, Husky Rescue is set to begin a brief tour of Europe beginning today in their home country and wrapping up in Amsterdam at the end of March. To give you a taste of what they'll be playing for these lucky Europeans, here's three cuts off of Ship of Light...

Husky Rescue: Ship of Light
Sound of Love
Wolf Trap Motel
Fast Lane


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