Thursday, February 4, 2010

SOTD 2.4.10

I don't know about the Muzjiks readers, but I quite literally listen to music 24 hours a day. As long as I'm not in class or at baseball practice, I've either got my ATH-M50s cupped over my ears or my earbuds fitted snugly in my ear canals. When I'm studying, when I'm falling asleep, when I'm walking around campus, I'm listening to music. Accordingly, I need music to suit every possible mood or circumstance that may arise over the course of the day. As the day winds to a close and dusk usurps the sky, I often find myself tending toward drone. Now, many may find this genre intensely boring, for the compositions lack lyrics or any real rhythm, but this is music about textural orgies, atmospheric engulfment, and feedback headfucks, not conventional song structure or poppy accessibility. Offering such delicious sonic qualities are the craftings of Oneohtrix Point Never, whose music sends the listener on an aural journey that's the equivalent of hurdling through Space Mountain on peyote. This is some good shit.

Oneohtrix Point Never: "Physical Memory"


box_Music said...

you're the real muzik maniac :)

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