Monday, February 15, 2010

YouTube: Busking for the Internet Age

YouTube is one hell of a website. Not only is it the most effective time-waster known to mankind, but it also enables anybody to make a name for themselves. There's the self-made millionaire, Fred, who has made it big simply by manipulating his voice to be so high-pitched and annoyingly squeaky that even Alvin and the Chipmunks want to beat his ass. Then there's Ed Bassmaster, whose comic genius has gained such a following that he's met with Sean Penn to work on a feature film. The examples are innumerable and ever-increasing, and even with every douchebag who owns a guitar playing their version of "Banana Pancakes" (I rest my case), YouTube offers an invaluable platform for budding musicians trying to make it in the cutthroat industry. It's essentially busking for the Internet age.

Perhaps the most compelling story of this nature comes from Ronald Jenkees, the self-taught pianist who throws down improvised beats after a charming "Hello, YaTubes." Although he does have a strong following in the YouTube community, which has landed him some legitimate studio time and allowed him to record two LPs, his music unfortunately hasn't gained much traction beyond this niche group. However, Muzjiks is here to bring the blogosphere Mr. Jenkees the notoriety he deserves with the absolutely infectious "Disorganized Fun" and "Throwing Fire." When the beat drops on "Disorganized Fun," you will wonder why this talented dude isn't a household name. Whatever your opinion of his work, though, take heed of Ronald Jenkees' motto and always have fun. Enjoy.

Ronald Jenkees: Disorganized Fun [buy]
Disorganized Fun [alt]
Throwing Fire [alt]


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