Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Adventures of Thom????

Thom and Nigel Godrich last night @ the Roosevelt

Because DJ TB and I are rather open about our gayness for all things Radiohead, I figured it might be appropriate to make a post about them, as there is currently a lot of news regarding the band and its members (i.e., Thom) floating around. Here's the deal...

  • Radiohead is currently in LA for studio sessions that are presumably working toward LP8. In addition to speculation earlier this week on the AtEase message boards, Thom actually performed a Haiti benefit DJ set there yesterday along with the unlikely company of Maroon 5. Read more about that here.
  • Also occurring yesterday was the airing of Thom Yorke's co-hosting of BBC Radio 1's Gilles Peterson Show. Over the course of the two-hour broadcast, Thom spoke on subjects ranging from his upcoming Coachella performance with what now seems to be called "The Eraser Band" (a.k.a., Thom Yorke????), working with DOOM, his batshit crazy obsession with climate change, and Radiohead's current standing. Read more about that on Pitchfork. Additionally, if you'd like to hear the whole thing, you can listen and download a recording of the broadcast thanks to "bug" over at the AtEase boards. Check that out here.
  • In addition to their Coachella spot, The Eraser Band is planning on doing some small gigs in April. Read more about that at Green Plastic.
Any news is good news when it comes to all things Radiohead, in my opinion, so I'm glad the creative juices seem to be a-flowin' for Mr. Yorke.

As always, check back here on Muzjiks for the latest Radiohead updates, in addition to all your indie needs...

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Sweet eight pound, six ounce baby Jesus...


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