Tuesday, January 5, 2010

SOTD 1.5.10

A band that, for whatever reason, slipped through the cracks in 2009 is Other Lives, who released their solid self-titled album in April, their first under the Other Lives moniker and their second as a band. Frankly a downright depressing release, the LP is nonetheless a great piece of indie folk in the vein of The Decemberists and Midlake. This particular track features the lush instrumentation found throughout the album, including piano, strings, and guitar, along with Jesse Tabish's languid vocals that add extra weight to the melancholic mood. I'll never understand why some bands hit it big while others wallow in relative obscurity despite their clear talent, but Muzjiks is here to hopefully remedy this problem one post at a time. Enjoy.

Other Lives: "Black Tables"


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