Saturday, January 9, 2010

SOTD 1.9.10

A local band of the Carolinas, Slow Runner comes from Charleston, SC, and plays polished multi-instrumentalist indie pop that occasionally dabbles in the synth-pop subgenre. Although I personally prefer their most recent album, 2008's Mermaids, which injects this indie pop with a brooding quality, this song comes from 2006's No Disassemble, which is far sunnier and more jangly. Like the majority of Slow Runner's work, "You're in Luck" is a piano-driven number that features Michael Flynn's lovely falsetto. Although the band has been rather scarce since around mid-2009, according to a recent post on their MySpace blog, they are, in fact, still alive. Hopefully this means that another Slow Runner LP is on the horizon, as their refreshing brand of more traditional indie is always welcome to my ears.

Slow Runner: "You're in Luck"
Buy [No Disassemble is not available on iTunes, but SR's other two albums are]


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