Thursday, January 21, 2010

SOTD 1.21.10

Although they've all but disappeared from the indie scene since the release of their debut EP, I Was Searching and I Found, in 2007, Weaver at the Loom's album has been on my heavy rotation for years now; there's not a month that passes that I don't listen to it at least twice. It's the perfect rainy day album: Explosions in the Sky delay-pedaled guitars that soar and envelop the ears; This Day & Age vocals that are expressive, yet manage to strike the perfect balance between surrendering the forefront to the instrumentation and intervening just enough so that Dan and Izaac's beautifully meshing voices can give the song that last breathtaking sonic punch; and The American Dollar ambiance delivered by lilting keyboard lines. As hackneyed as it sounds, this is epic post-rock at its finest. Hopefully, Weaver's resurgence last week for their first concert since Spring 2009 is a sign that the band is prepping for a full-on return. Until then, I'm going to keep on queuing up I Was Searching... 'til the touchpad on my iPod malfunctions from overuse...

Weaver at the Loom: "You Can't Evade Them"


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