Saturday, January 23, 2010

Big Day Out

I have just rose from the depths. Do not ask questions as I will have no answers. One thing is known, Mike Posner will be in the 704 tonight. In prep for the big night out, I have a lovely remix to quell your Saturday afternoon anxieties.

Matt Van Schie: "Saturday Night (GLOVES Remix)"

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khaled said...

Can you imagine, Cyclo-flo' killed Rick Ross on his own Mafia Music instrumental. You can check out the song titled "hip hop acension" at
full mixtape at :

Ubbs said...

might want to remove 'asiandanman' from the file name next time or thank him at least

Danny Weiss said...

okay i will. thanks for the tip--we're a little bit new to this and I'm a little hazy on blog/file ethics. i will thank him.

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