Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Return of Margot

Dust of Retreat is easily in the top ten best albums of the past decade. It's a masterpiece. Since that near-perfect 2006 LP, though, Margot & the Nuclear So and So's has gone through a significant amount of change in terms of style and lineup. Although we likely will never get another Dust of Retreat, we can always count on frontman Richard Edwards to deliver some solid indie pop, or "scarf rock" as the original incarnation of the band termed it. This year holds the release of Buzzard, the fourth full-length offering from the Indianapolis-based collective. Whetting our appetite is the 7" Birds/Bubbleprick, which was released this month and can be purchased here. For immediate gratification, Muzjiks has two new songs from Margot, one a live cut ripped from their MySpace page and the other off of the said 7" and the forthcoming Buzzard. Enjoy.

Black Demon


Hanan said...

I love Dust of Retreat. especially quiet as a mouse.

Anonymous said...

the links are down...any chance for a reup? thanks!

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