Sunday, January 3, 2010

SOTD 1.3.10

Despite the unlikely pairing between the mysterious jj and the soon-to-be-incarcerated Lil Wayne, "Ecstasy" proved to be one of the standout tracks of 2009. Rather surprisingly, jj's blissed-out, gauzy vocals mesh flawlessly with a dreamy reinterpretation of the "Lollipop" beat. In this time of web DJs and YouTube mash-up "artists," it was only a matter of time before someone combined the two songs into one love-drugged, cough-syruped entity. And here we have it...

jj vs. Lil Wayne: "Ecstasy (neo success mix)"


Colored Commentator said...

Excellent find. I dont think I understand it at all. Maybe after half a bottle of purp ill be on wayne/jj's level. Better get to sippin on that sizzurp.

Im the Cashier, I change Girls.

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