Monday, December 14, 2009


During my daily brainstorming sessions about how I can improve Muzjiks, I decided today that the next logical step for this production is to break free of the bonds of the ongoing WALT podcasting difficulties and take care of this whole podcast business myself. Thus, from this point onward, Muzjiks will be an independent venture, the recording and posting up each episode completely on our hands and thereby separate from WALT.

SO, what does this mean? Only good things for you, the listeners...
  • I have set up an active podcast link (see below) that you simply click on, and the Muzjiks podcast, including all recorded episodes, will open automatically in your iTunes. After each live broadcast of Muzjiks, the recorded podcast will be uploaded and should appear in your iTunes podcast section for download.
  • Additionally, I have submitted the Muzjiks podcast for consideration by iTunes so that it will hopefully be listed in the podcast section on the iTunes Store and will show up when you search for it there. I will post an update here on the blog as soon as I get word that this reviewing process has been completed.
  • Finally, the podcasting service that I've selected to use for Muzjiks has created another website exclusively for the podcasts (see below). On this site, you will be able to stream, comment on, and download all of the episodes.
As you can see, Muzjiks is an ever-evolving entity that will soon take over the world. Tell your mother. Tell your barber. Tell your baby mama. The revolution is coming.

That is all.

NOTE: The iTunes podcast link can be also be accessed by clicking on the iTunes logo in the sidebar, and the podcast link will be added to the "Links" box in the sidebar for your future convenience.
iTunes podcast: itpc://
Podcast site:


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