Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas in Eternal Reflection

A shout out to friend of Muzjiks, The Colored Commentator. "Just Begun" looks to be the first leaked track from Reflection Eternal's second LP, Revolutions Per Minute. The breezy horn sample and the impenetrable flow of MC Talib Kweli is something we've come to expect from the all-star duo. Look out for the new LP in February 2010.

Reflection Eternal: "Just Begun"
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UPDATE: Thanks from a tip from 2dopeboyz, it looks like we will get even more new Reflection Eternal in the coming days. Look for a Reflection Eternal mixtape to hit the web on New Years Eve featuring previously unreleased material. Out.


Colored Comentator said...

This is all i could ask for for a belated Channukah present. Kwe absoloutly murders this unconscious beat produced by tek. Plus getting Mos on the Trak too... Dear god. When Talib dedicates himself to an album, it is fire. Reflection Eternal 2 will undoubtedly rival Reflection Eternal, Black Star, Quality, Beautiful Struggle, and Eardrum. Talib Kweli Green is conscious hip-hop, so those who want to know what it is all about, start from the first reflection eternal and listen to everything Talib has to offer. Over and Out.

Happy Holidays...I am Music

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