Thursday, December 24, 2009

SOTD 12.24.09

Beginning with a "Nude"-like vocal wash until it explodes into a battery of crashing guitars one minute and forty seconds in, Liars' "Scissor" comes from the band's upcoming 2010 release, Sisterworld. After this electric eruption, the watery harmonizing returns and the song slows down again for the second verse until, to finish the track off with a bang, the cacophonous array of instruments thundering along returns. This quiet-loud-quiet-loud structuring is perhaps a nod to the innovators of this technique, the Pixies, but regardless of wherever the influences came from, what's for sure is that they all came together to create one hell of a three-minute number. If the band populates the rest of Sisterworld with songs like this, 2010 could be a breakthrough year for this art rock trio.

Liars: "Scissor"

Oh, and Merry Christmas...


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