Sunday, December 20, 2009

SOTD 12.20.09

If you recall, I did a post a while back about Miami Horror's "Sometimes," the beat used in Mike Posner's "You Don't Have to Leave." Well, the other day when I had my iPod on shuffle, what I thought was "One Foot Out the Door," the title track intro to Posner's most recent mixtape, turned out to be The xx's "Intro" to their self-titled debut. Not having listened to The xx in quite some time, the fact that Posner had used the beat of this London quartet of 20-year-olds had not dawned on me until then. I'm not sure who is in charge of finding these wonderful indie samples for Posner, but whoever it is should be promoted to a higher position in Posner's crew. If it's Posner himself, then he should focus here when it comes to working on his debut album. Now, I'm not sure what kind of pull Mike Posner or his label have at this point so early on in his career, but I think he works best and makes himself stand out most on these kinds of beats, as opposed to cookie-cutter mainstream reworkings like "Kiss Me Thru the Phone" or "Don't Trust Me." Regardless, I think it's obvious that Mike Posner is on to something here, and I hope he continues to develop it in the future. Below you will find both The xx and Mike Posner's versions of today's Song of the Day. Enjoy.

The xx: "Intro"

Mike Posner: "One Foot Out the Door"


Colored Commentator said...

Thank you again Swine. Your music collection never ceases to amaze me.

Stay cool

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