Monday, December 28, 2009

SOTD 12.28.09

Some of my favorite bands are what I'd call "sleepers;" the ones that put out an album or two and disappeared or have silently compiled a respectable discography without any real widespread acclaim or just release a solid album and, for whatever reason, go largely unnoticed. Although it's early, as their debut LP, Weathervanes, doesn't come out in physical form until March 2010, Freelance Whales haven't really been catching the traction that other bubbling indie acts get. For instance, Washed Out blew up with just two mp3s on his MySpace page back in the summer, and oOoOO is a Gorilla vs. Bear darling based on their gimmicky name alone. However, let it be known that Muzjiks will not overlook this band. Freelance Whales creates indie pop in the vein of Cloud Cult and Slow Runner that will surely brighten your dreary winter days with its refreshing departure from the indie lo-fi/no-fi/glo-fi fad. Utilizing an atypical battery of instruments—including a harmonium, a glockenspiel, a banjo, and a waterphone—and male-female harmonies to create a lighthearted atmosphere, the boyish vocals are driven by a lead singer whose voice strongly resembles Miniature Tigers' Charlie Brand. I've just posted the track "Generator ^ First Floor" to give you a taste, but the entire album is great, so download it off iTunes using the link below.

Freelance Whales: "Generator ^ First Floor"


DJ TB said...

wow great. it seems so short, i feel as though it go on forever and the mandolin riff would never wear on me. very intimate and immediate vocals...definitely cool.

DJ TB said...

edit: banjo riff, epic banjo riff.

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