Wednesday, December 30, 2009

SOTD 12.30.09

Once a member of the now-defunct indie pop band Harlem Shakes, ARMS is the solo moniker of Todd Goldstein. His debut, Kids Aflame, is a beautiful lo-fi record with impassioned lyrics delivered in Goldstein's rather rough-around-the-edges vocal style; however, this is by no means a knock against ARMS, but instead a quality that jives perfectly with the subject matter and overall feel of the album. Containing one of my favorite lyrics of all time is the second track off the album, "Whirring," which muses,
I wrote down all my thoughts
to see what I thought, I gave it a shot
and there thousands of spiraling knots.
Although Harlem Shakes' jangly pop is no more, the indie community is lucky that ARMS will continue to create lovely—superior—music.

ARMS: "Whirring"


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