Monday, December 7, 2009

A couple of helpful tools for your music needs

Have a piece of audio from a YouTube video that you want to have as an mp3 and put on your iPod? Dirpy is a dead easy online tool that can extract audio from YouTube videos. Just paste the YouTube video URL, fill out the Artist/Song/Album information, and download the pre-tagged mp3 file to your computer.

Want to know when your favorite bands are coming to town but don't have the time to scour Pollstar, Myspace pages, and other concert listings? Download iConcertCal, a plug-in for iTunes that looks at all the artists in your library and searches all the major online concert listing sites for gigs by those artists, updating itself once a week. Once you've installed iConcertCal, just go to View VisualizeriConcertCal, and either use the shortcut ⌘T or click Show Visualizer under the View toolbar to show the application. You can select the city you want it to search for, as well as the mile radius around your city you want the application to factor into its search. All in all, iConcertCal is an extremely useful plug-in for the average concertgoer.


DJ TB said...

would have been helpful before I made the last post...jackass.

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