Monday, December 14, 2009

Song of the Day (12/14/09)

Bradford Cox is one of the masterminds of modern day indie. Between his work in a band setting with Deerhunter and solo as Atlas Sound, Cox provides our ears with a continuous stream of incredible music. Perhaps what sets Cox apart most is that he's constantly progressing: whereas Deerhunter began as shoegazey fuzz-rock, it gradually transformed into the cleaner, poppier sound that characterized Microcastle, and likewise, Atlas Sound's similarly ambient roots metamorphosed into the more accessible folk-pop leanings of Logos. Here, I've selected a track from Deerhunter's sophomore studio release, Cryptograms, which exemplifies the band's earlier atmospheric bent. In a wash of delay pedaled guitars, airy looped vocals, watery drones, "White Ink" would be the perfect soundtrack for a stoned snorkeler's underwater adventure through the Great Barrier Reef. Arguably even more impressive than the song itself is the fact that Cox and the gang can recreate the otherworldly mood live (see below). So put on a pair of good headphones, shut your eyes, and prepare to be transported...

Deerhunter: "White Ink"


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