Thursday, December 24, 2009


You've probably noticed that things have been under construction around here lately, with backgrounds shifting and color schemes switching and just general layout mayhem, but DJ TB and I have settled down now with a new design that we're rather satisfied with. It takes a more minimalist approach so that we can offer a cleaner, more professional looking product. Moreover, there have been several additions that you may notice in the sidebars. Let me take a minute to outline the changes that have been made...
  • in attempt to establish a more minimalist and eye-pleasing look, the "Song of the Day" posts will be titled simply "SOTD MM.DD.YY"
  • at the top of the blog, note the brand new banner, which was created with the help of Muzjiks' right-hand woman, Lauren
  • on the top of the left sidebar, you'll see an easily accessible radio antenna symbol that will link you to the live stream of Muzjiks, which airs every Tuesday from 8-9 PM (we'll be back from the holidays on January 12th)
  • on the bottom of the left sidebar are links to Muzjiks-related material like the podcast website, Mevio, along with blogs and websites that we frequent and hold in high regard
  • on the top of the right sidebar is MuzjiksTV, which will feature live performances, music videos, interviews, and the like and will be continually updated every few days
  • below MuzjiksTV is DJ TB's brainchild, the "Critical Listening" section, which highlights the albums that TB and I have in heavy rotation at the moment
  • finally, you can direct your attention below "Critical Listening" to the "Features" section, which provides links to reviews, essays, and other special write-ups that Muzjiks has done in the past
We hope that the improvements we've made make your experience on our blog more enjoyable and will perhaps cause you to consider telling your friends and family about this labor of love that is Muzjiks. As always, any questions or comments can be sent to us via our Facebook page, which you can access to your left.

The Muzjiks Brethren


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