Saturday, December 12, 2009

Song of the Day (12/12/09)

On a daily basis, I check an absurd an amount of music blogs, news sites, and concert listings to try to stay current on what's new in the world of indie (check the new "Links" box in the sidebar to the left to get a taste). Among these web pages I frequent is the independent music behemoth that is Pitchfork. Lauded by some and loathed by many, Pitchfork is—regardless of one's opinion—undoubtedly the Rolling Stone of indie. But now back to the topic. The other day, one of Pitchfork's Track Reviews was of an artist named Jonathan Boulet, a 21-year-old from Australian who crafts brilliant pop songs. As soon as the infectious guitar line comes in, you will be hooked, and once Boulet's James Mercer-esque vocals swoop in, pick you up, and soar away, you'll be queuing it up for repeat already...

Jonathan Boulet: "Community Service Announcement"


DJ TB said...

wow, this is really good. make sure to check out the rest of the album.

DJ Swine said...

Yeah, I looked up his other stuff on the Hype Machine, and it's all really solid.

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