Wednesday, December 23, 2009

SOTD 12.23.09

I figured I'd post a Song of the Day that acknowledges in some capacity the holiday season, although I warn you, this is not what you'd expect...

Put together in a Give Up by the Postal Service kind of fashion, Rip the Jacker by underground rapper Canibus began as a cappellas of him rapping and then were sent away to Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind (of Jedi Mind Tricks fame) to be coupled with Stoupe's incredible beats. Widely considered one of Canibus's best releases, Rip the Jacker is a concept album with complex rhymes and machine gun delivery. Upon listening through the album, however, I was taken by surprise by the sample chosen for "No Return," the fifth track. Stoupe actually sampled "Adon Olam," a traditional Jewish prayer, speeding it up and giving it a hip-hop makeover to meld with Canibus's emceeing. I've embedded a YouTube video that I found of some dude singing "Adon Olam" with the same melody found in the song, as there is a wide variation in melodies to which Jewish prayers are sung depending on the denomination and congregation to which one belongs. Pretty interesting stuff.

With that, we here at Muzjiks wish you happy holidays!

Canibus: "No Return"


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