Thursday, December 24, 2009

Art Without Fear

As you may recall, the other day, DJ TB posted up some great news that Radiohead will officially be heading back to the studio in January for work on LP8. Today, I found a Rolling Stone interview with Ed O'Brien, who seems to be the fans' biggest ally in terms of finding out information regarding the band's In Rainbows followup. Dated December 21st, the article contains a handful of informative bits, including...
  • "In terms of the band, we feel way more empowered in terms of our art and what we're doing. We have been rehearsing for the last four weeks, for this new record."
  • "[Thom]'s finding his way lyrically at the moment. It's early days."
  • "I'm an eternal optimist, but I truly believe we can shift massively on this [next] record. That's the thing we all know, that we feel in our bellies as we're rehearsing — we're on a big move here. We're definitely on a journey. And it's exciting."
Check here for the full article. 'Tis an exciting time to be a Radiohead fan, indeed...


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