Friday, December 25, 2009

SOTD 12.25.09

It should've been a disaster. Rain had been falling for days, turning the festival grounds into a muddy mess. The monitors weren't functioning, so the band couldn't hear a thing. Many of the concertgoers had already up and left because of the miserable conditions. But when headliners Radiohead took the Pyramid stage on that Saturday night of June 28, 1997, they gave the music world a concert for the ages. Armed with songs primarily from The Bends and OK Computer, which had been released just some two weeks prior, Thom and the gang delivered what a Q magazine critics poll dubbed the greatest gig of all time—not the best Glastonbury gig, nor the best Radiohead gig, nor the best rock gig, but rather the single greatest gig by any band, anywhere, ever. The set list is chock-full of classics, Yorke's voice is youthfully powerful, and the band performs as tightly and energetically as ever. So, on this Christmas Day and in honor of the holiday season of giving, I offer you the full soundboard recording of this utterly epic performance. Prepare to eargasm...

Radiohead: Glastonbury 1997

1. Lucky
2. My Iron Lung
3. Airbag
4. Planet Telex
5. Exit Music (For A Film)
6. The Bends
7. (Nice Dream)
8. Paranoid Android
9. Karma Police
10. Creep
11. Climbing Up The Walls
12. No Surprises
13. Talk Show Host
14. Bones
15. Just
16. Fake Plastic Trees
17. You
18. The Tourist
19. High & Dry
20. Street Spirit (Fade Out)


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