Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Episode 8a: Palindrone

Yesterday, I broadcasted an impromptu special episode prior to the main episode that focused on post-rock, as time constraints prohibit me from playing these lengthy tracks in the regular broadcast. The playlist is posted below, and if you click on the iTunes logo to the left, the podcast should appear in your iTunes program for download, or if you've already subscribed in iTunes, the podcast should already show up. Also, you can stream the podcast using the embedded player below. Enjoy!


1. Godspeed You! Black Emperor: "The Dead Flag Blues"
2. Mooncake: "Rain in the Ashtray"
3. Eimog: "Antarctica"
4. The Samuel Jackson Five: "Skinflick Dress Rehearsal"


Colored Commentator said...

My hiatus is now over. screw you swine.

I defined Nyle as a Mike Posner for Black audiences-not a black mike posner. He is a young college kid with good flow and a conscious hip hop drive. He is an up and coming rapper who (in my opinion) will be featured on either kid cudi or lupe's next album. Great show last night, and I hope to be invited as a guest next show.

DJ Swine said...

That comparison makes more sense. TB misquoted you. I apologize for giving you a hard time on air. It's all love here.

Thank you for the praise. The guest spot can be arranged. Have your people talk to my people, and maybe we can work something out...

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