Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Episode 8b: High On Myopiates

I apologize for not getting this up by midnight last night as I had said, but it's here now, so that should assuage you. Again, here's the procedure: (1) click on the iTunes logo to the left to open the podcast in your iTunes program and download; (2) if you've already subscribed in iTunes, the new episode should show up automatically (if it doesn't, right click on the podcast, select "Update Podcast," and it should appear); (3) stream the episode below if you so desire; (4) show your friends. Enjoy!

NOTE: Since this was our first full day of secession from WALT and podcasting on our own, the recording is slightly incomplete due to technical difficulties. Hopefully we've got all the kinks worked out though so that from now on, you'll be getting Muzjiks in all its glory. However, in this episode, you'll get around 57 minutes of goodness, but in the middle of The White Panda's "Stuntin' Like My Energy (Lil Wayne vs. Keri Hilson)," the recording cuts out. Check the playlist for what you missed, and mark your calendars for the next episode of Muzjiks that will occur on January 12, 2010.

1. Emalkay: "When I Look At You" [intro]
2. Alec Ounsworth: "South Philadelphia (Drug Days)"
3. Yeasayer: "Sunrise"
4. Basement Jaxx (ft. Sam Sparro): "Feelings Gone"
5. We Were Promised Jetpacks: "Quiet Little Voices"
6. The Roots: "How I Got Over"
7. Nyle: "Living in the Shade"
8. Discovery: "So Insane"
9. Passion Pit: "Moth's Wings (Eric Solomon Remix)"
10. The White Panda: "Stuntin' Like My Energy (Lil Wayne vs. Keri Hilson)"
11. Interpol: "NARC"
12. Bettie Grind: "Dammit I'm Fly" [request]


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