Monday, December 28, 2009

Songs from the Portuguese

Here, I will attempt to veil the fact that we are just two college kids writing about the music we love. Though in the spring of 2009, my relatively limited scope for music in this great world was pricked, twisted, and shocked in a school class, yes a class with a professor, homework, lectures, and grades. MUS241 with Mauro Botehlo (mustache and all) was my first in-depth exposure to international leanings and tones and it was great. We tend to think of US as having one of the most extensive cultural scapes known to man, and don't get me wrong me, it does. Though for a country that does not claim to be the world's "tossed salad," Brazil has one of the most intriguing musical histories in the civilized world. Aside from the immensity of Samba and Carnavalia, pop music truly matters. The selection I have chosen to share with all of you comes from a super group of sorts. Think of the three most popular, talented, and respected pop musicians you know of (I know, it's difficult) and imagine them somehow forming a cohesive unit...welcome to Tribalistas. Tribalistas is a super group formed from revered pop musicians Marisa Monte, Arnaldo Atunes, and Carlinhos Brown. Think "We Are the World" on street cred steroids.

I will stop blabbering and get to the track. This is "Ja Sei Namoroar" from the LP Tribalistas and the short lived trio of the same name. Make sure you fill your prescriptions, this shit is infectious.


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