Tuesday, December 22, 2009

MuzjiksTV: The Week In Review (12/14-12/20)

In this feature, Muzjiks provides coverage of the week that was in indie music on the television airwaves, posting up relevant videos and perhaps even some reviews of live broadcast performances of our favorite acts...

Saturday, December 19: Muse performs "Uprising" and "Starlight" on Saturday Night Live (NBC)

Muse sold out. When you go from "Citizen Erased" and "Plug In Baby" to "Supermassive Black Hole" and "Undisclosed Desires," you've sold out. I'd give anything to see an Absolution, Origins of Symmetry, or Showbiz-era gig when their epicness-embodied style was in its pure form and when Matt Bellamy's vocals soared over beautiful space rock soundscapes. Now, the band appeals to teenybopper Twilight girls and wannabe hipsters with their diluted, dumbed-down pop. Play the post-Black Holes and Revelations Muse fan "Stockholm Syndrome" and they'll shit themselves. Now, Muse were never the most original band ever, and they always had an air of gimmickry about their overproduction and melodrama, but they did the arena rock thing better than just about anyone in the business. I miss the old Muse. [/rant]

Be prepared to throw up in your mouth with "Uprising" and be then be assuaged with the significantly less nauseating but altogether bubblegummy "Starlight"...


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