Sunday, December 27, 2009

MuzjiksTV: 12.21-12.27

Tuesday, December 22: KiD CuDi performs "Pursuit of Happiness" on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien (NBC)
Although CuDi's lyrics are nothing too spectacular and we've all seen better technical emceeing ability from other rappers, it's undeniable that the guy knows what he's doing. He puts together memorable melodies, pushes the envelope with his production choices, and knows how to create feel-good music.

Saturday, December 20: Arcade Fire performs songs from Neon Bible on Austin City Limits (PBS) [re-run]
We apologize for the lack of embedding on this video, but follow the link to enjoy this performance from indie monoliths Arcade Fire, who are currently working on their third LP. Plan on that being out in late May 2010, along with an accompanying tour beginning this summer that will start out with some North American festival gigs. Where 2009 was noticeably devoid of this Canadian collective, 2010 will surely make up for the absence.

Snoop Dogg on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
You don't get to see wasted people on network TV a lot, so I thought I would add this. I don't even think this is the right week--we make our own rules here.


DJ TB said...

can we get a clarification on the spelling of "CuDi" and its arbitrary capitalization practices? hes not nearly indie enough to pull that kind of shit.

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